Energy productivity gets boost with new index for companies

June 13, 2016

ClimateWorks Australia has just published the Energy Productivity Index for Companies, and it ?illustrates the importance of energy productivity performance to both profitability and the reduction of industrial greenhouse gas emissions.?

The new guide analyses the energy productivity of industrial companies across six key sectors. Their website also includes an investors’ guide, information about the percentage of profits that could be saved in the different sectors, as well as other useful resources and guides.

According to ClimateWorks Australia, energy productivity is “most simply described as the amount of economic output per unit of energy input.”

Energy productivity is an issue that is near and dear to our hearts, with our Executive Director even penning a piece on its importance in Greenbiz last year. In the thinkpiece, Jigar Shah said: “In the manufacturing sector, perhaps more than any other sector, the search for cost-effective ways to increase energy productivity aligns with the individual interests of private industry and the nation’s interests in economic development and a cleaner environment.”